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You’re Never Too Old To Be Young. We specialize in the art of aesthetic enhancement.

Med Spa Downers Grove

Why Skin Med Spa?

We are licensed professionals with decades of experience who are passionate about meeting your aesthetic needs. With many years of passion and love in the field of aesthetics, we decided to bring our many talents conveniently to the western Chicago suburbs. We offer Med Spa Services in Downer Grove and Surrounding areas.

The Good

We have an unbridled passion for aesthetics and skin renewal. We pride ourselves on using the latest cutting-edge technology and delivering it at a reasonable cost. Our Med Spa is very reasonable priced to fit the budgets of most people.

The Ugly

With the proliferation of med spas, come many bad players. There’s a dirty little secret, many spas will water down product or even administer the wrong product, some not even FDA approved. Unfortunately oversight and regulation is lax. Skin Med Spa was born out of necessity. Come to a real MEDICAL spa, where integrity and honesty is balanced with artistic perfection.

With many years of adult medical management and the pursuit of superior endocrinology research emphasizing on male hormonal balance, we have perfected proper hormone replacement therapy. Many patients ask, do these doctors “ get it”? In reference to the proper treatment approach. The answer is YES!

At Skin Med Spa, we offer custom medical-grade treatments because we believe there is not a one-size-fits-all remedy for every skin issue. We factor in skin types, allergies, skin sensitivities, current medications, and underlying health conditions when devising an individualized treatment plan. Meet with one of our practitioners to determine a skincare regimen that best suits your needs.